Don’t Let Go – Moonchild


While getting ready in my tent I heard it, the drum line to Don’t let Go by Jesse Stone. My guitar was in its case and as the music played out in the distance, I began to sing along. My singing led to my desire to play the guitar as well. There I was, sitting inside my tent, playing along to a faint yet persistant drum line. I decided to emerge from my tent and meet with the music. My ears led me to a man with a small set up off the edge of one path. After talking we began to jam. He wasn’t playing what I thought I had heard, but it didn’t matter since it was the same beat. I told him to keep playing as he was and I would join in. Shortly after we formed a group of us dancing, singing, playing, and making art all together. We must have repeated the verses five or six times before we stopped and moved along with the day.

Saturday seemed to be the most alive day of the festival; Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann were headling the night. I made my way Furthur, excited to just be there we were smiling by the carousel. When Colby noticed my guitar his first question was if I wanted to be welcomed on board to sing a few songs. Though I was hestitant, it wasnt to hard to purswade me; with the support of Derek, Zane, and all Merry Pranskters I knew it was right on. They had some special recording equipment with them and after a few minutes of set up I was as you can see me. My mind had to keep in a clear state because I was overexcited to just be there. I kept thinking how much I was smiling and just couldn’t help it. Me being just so happy to be there and so glad to be able to share some nice vibrations. I was able to sing three songs before they had to set up for Sam Cutler’s interview. Like I said, that day was alive and the crew was non-stop. Furthur was my chance to share in an expierence created by beings of the past and travelling into now’s future.

Later that night, just before Billy and Mickey were preforming, I climbed up Futhur and began to flow. As I approached the bus, I noticed the fire preformers setting up right along the back side of the bus; A perfect spot! The view from the top of Futhur stunned me. A few Merry Pranksters climbed up with me and we had fun spinning around eachother, me trying not to whack the camera! I kept flowing, dancing until my wand lost charge. You saw the entire festival with all its lights and glitter from up there; What a show! And that’s where it all began..

– Moonchild