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Going Furthur REDDIT AMA!

Want to know some crazy stuff that happened during last summer’s tour? Thoughts on the future of festival culture? Ask Us Anything, or check out some of the other great questions answered by the Film Crew, Original Pranksters, and New Pranksters from the 50th Anniversary Furthur Bus Tour!

Furthur at Phases of the Moon –

“The biggest prank was the weather. Every hippie knows, if you play the festival game often enough, you’re gonna win a rain show. The innovative vision of incorporating world-renowned artists, musicians, and community perks like a farmer’s market and a not-for-profit store is going to change the way festivals are conceptualized.  Sam Shear has a five-year contract with Kennekuk County Park. I can’t wait to see how the vision develops and grows.” “What-A-Long-Strange-Trip-It-Was”- flavored, .