“I loved seeing Going Furthur! It was a beautiful testament to a worldwide movement that started in the 60’s, and was part of the magic bus that an entire generation got on, and then thought about. Then 50 years later to have it rekindled by Zane and all of the crew that went across the country… It’s a total road film, it’s a love story; but the love story is the love of our community. I thought it was beautiful. I thought it was a testimony to the creative spirit that is still awake across this land, an awakening in the younger generation, and it was very inspiring!“
Alex Grey
– Visionary Artist – Wappinger Falls, NY
“Going Furthur packed the house at CoSM and it is our first Visionary Salon sellout since DMT: the Spirit Molecule. This is a movie that people love and is filled with joy, collaboration and creativity. Very colorful, well done!”
Allison Grey
– Visionary Artist – Wappinger Falls, NY
“Oh man. What a fun movie. I can’t wait for the masses to see it. Inspiring. I laughed, I cried a little (grandma tigger got me) it’s outstanding all around!” - Christina Sky Lyons “A vibrant, dynamic film bursting with color and energy, Going Furthur will entertain and inspire no matter your age or interests. This film is a rich chorus: a celebration of self-expression, a contemplation of consciousness, a call to creativity, and a hell of a party. Watch this film and your world will never be the same!”
Brett Chamberlin
– Brooklyn, NY
“I was thrilled to see the East Coast premiere of this documentary about the FURTHUR bus and how the movement is playing forward into new generations. We planted many seeds in the ’60s that we hoped would spread across the land. This movie is an affirmation and reiteration of many of those ideas and actions and how they are still being adopted and lived. The ideas that having fun is serious business, that we are one family and that love is always the answer are continuing to penetrate our world and this film gives credence and reverb to those notions and emotions and spurs us to continue them into motion in our lives every day. Thanks for including me in the movie as part of our local tributary to the open love tribe and the universal ocean of love we can all stream into.”
Eric Tiffen
- Connecticut
“This is by far the best documentary that i’ve ever seen!” –
Matt Laundrie
– Victoria, BC
“I enjoyed how the film bridged 50 years of history of this Counterculture with where we are now. It follows Furthur the most famous psychedelic bus on a wild ride from coast to coast but it is so much more than just another road film. It is full of truly spectacular characters, inspiring conversation, celebration, and hope. How did we get here? Where do all these freaky folks come from? Look at what these beautiful people are creating, a colorful world of art, adventure, music and laughter. I believe it will inspire future generations to jump on the road and feel free to freak freely. Buy the ticket take the ride!”
Karen Cron
- San Fran, CA
“This film will take you on a ride like no other. 10 stars for me! I saw the documentary Going Furthur recently in San Francisco. The history and the legacy from the Merry Pranksters bus with Ken Kesey and cohorts is well kept and displayed in this film. The new bus driven by Zane Kesey, the son of Ken Kesey who retraced this historic trip across the country. It has a brand new generation of riders. I was particularly impressed with the directing and editing of this film. It was done in such a way as to make the viewer feel like they were on the bus. The music that was picked for the film was superb and perfect for the story. I recommend this film, not only for the people that remember from the day, but for all the younger people of this generation.”
Honey Green
Mill Valley, California
“Hey Tribe… I had the awesome chance to see this last weekend, and it’s a fantastic trip man… Check it out at a theatre near you!”
– Tales from the Tribe
“Going Furthur is not only a wonderful tribute to a long-ago time. It is an adventure story replete with modern-day troubadours who have honoured the past and excited the present. History was not going to forget the cultural impact of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters but the directors of Going Furthur, not to mention all of the modern-day pranksters and especially Zane Kesey, have assured us all that we are not necessarily doomed to repeat the past, particularly if we do it with love, colour, music and respect. Well done, Colby, Lindsay and Matt and all of the joyous participants. It is always a delight to catch a glimpse of Wavy Gravy. Going Furthur deserves a large audience.”
Ben Gleson
– BC, Canada
“If you see just one movie this year... you really should get out more often”
Derek Stevens
– Bend, OR
“It’s not often that a film speaks to me like this one has. It’s message is one of love, hope and expanding ones sense of themselves and the world we all live in. I believe the times we live in need this message. I would like to tip my hat to the filmmakers and the cast of this superb documentary!”
Chris Foster
– Bloomington, IN
“The film Going Furthur gratefully honors the past while looking ahead to new horizons- the horizons of the present day so in need of the idea of the bus coming around spreading an intrepid spirit to a new generation. The movie captures that spirit of heading down the road to not only see what will happen but also who it will happen with next – expect the unexpected in this zany, wonderful and sometimes touching true life modern day prankster road trip saga”
Sean Burns
– Palmer, MA
“Going Furthur is a colorfully energetic new film covering the 50th Anniversary bus trip celebrating Ken Kesey’s original LSD fueled cross country bus trip in 1964 that kicked out the black and white 50’s and brought on the colorful psychedelic 60’s. It is also my favorite new documentary. Period. The joy in my heart almost overwhelmed me as the sounds and images of the Furthur 50th Anniversary Tour jumped off the screen and into my eyes and ears for the first time. Citing Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters’ bus trips and Acid Tests of the 60’s to the ongoing music festival scene, the cast includes Original Pranksters, Neo Pranksters and many luminaries from the music and art world. Often the star of the scene is the bystander with an ear to ear grin as the *Furthur Bus pulled into a town, music festival, or…anywhere. From children to the older folks who kind of remember the 60’s, everyone was mesmerized in a beautiful way like a mobile mood changer. One couldn’t count the smiles and peace signs projected toward the bus and reflected back again. Ken Kesey’s son, Zane Kesey and friend, Derek Stevens are the Captain and Crew Chief who take the “Magic Bus” Furthur across the country with an ever morphing cast of characters. Going Furthur is a must see. Are you on the bus? I am!
David Rakes
- Virginia, VA
“Going Furthur is a great film, a beautiful love story…”
Troy Brandon Kingston
- New Brunswick, Canada
“I saw a prerelease screening of this documentary last weekend! Off the top of my head I recall seeing interviews on the bus with Alex Grey, Nahko, Sam Cutler, and sooo many others in scenes from it, including a couple concerts I was mixing. Definitely really well done and it really captures what music festivals are all about more than anything else I’ve seen. I recommend it to everyone.”
Jon Baldridge
- New York, NY
“It was wonderful! Everyone should GET ON THE BUS !!!”
Tara Bear
– Denver, CO
“Put your good where it will do the most,” …….. as Ken Kesey said, and Wavy Gravy recounted in the luminous new documentary, Going Furthur. This movie is really funny — and not in a you-had-to-be-there way. A huge part of the Merry Band of Pranksters’ essence (as Ken Babbs first dubbed them) was their playfulness and sense of humor. The Pranksters were pioneers in a lot of ways — and one of them was being the first people to not take Pranksters seriously. This film crew didn’t just show up for a couple days and collect some footage. They lived on it for three months, start to finish, on the 50th anniversary tour in 2014, celebrating the historic Neal Cassady-driven trip across the country in 1964. And something happens to you when you’re surrounded by Pranksters morning, noon and night.”
Brian Hassett
– Toronto, ON (Author of 'A Hitchhikers Guide to Jack Kerouac')
“After 50 years, a slightly newer bus, a cast of characters that’re (mostly) different, but a vibe that is distinctly the same, the bus came by and I got on! What started 50 years ago with Neil at the wheel, and many thought was a *very* colorful tidbit in history, is actually a movement that is stronger, brighter, and bigger than ever. When Zane Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters set out on their 50th anniversary tour, hippies old and young flocked to see, feel, experience something that was beautiful and fleeting, yet permanently etched in the here and now. At festivals, concerts, and cultural happenings across the country, thousands of us second generation hippies had a chance to experience where it all began. Thanks for this amazing documentation of 50 years of magic! Buy the ticket take the ride!”
Randy B
- Los Angeles, CA
“The task; Bring fifty-year-old legends to life, reincarnate tales that formed our lives and our culture. Then bring it to the present; with two and a half months, 15,000 miles and countless unique and interesting personal encounters. All while describing what was indescribable, defining that which had no definition and bringing forth emotions only those who were there could have had, all in one movie. Given the pace today, do it all in less time than the four hour Woodstock documentary keeping that documentary as the gold standard. That is the challenge that Lotus Eaters took on the day I met them, the first day of the epic fifty-year anniversary Furthur voyage.

I am happy to say they exceeded my already very high expectations, they nailed it! The story starts at the beginning, the genesis of our culture. The cosmic gathering of characters that rose out of the primal ooze to take the first psychedelic flowered powered steps to the future. For those of us who know the story, like a minister knows the story of Adam and Eve, it is a trip back to heavenly times. For those younger or not familiar with the history, those with no idea why they go to festivals, wear Tie Dye or drive a VW bus, the documentary reads like Hippy 101. This story has to be told from the beginning and they do. The cast of hippy icons is complete; from Ken Keesey to the original Merry Pranksters to Wavy Gravy. Each one an apostille ladling us challises of wisdom from the eternal psychedelic fountain. Flash forward fifty years and the story flows unbroken. The players are new Merry Pranksters and the bus rebuilt but the bus is still “the bus”. As in days of old, “the bus came by and I got on and that is where it all began”. The movie covers the new Pranksters as they come and go, an intrinsically unique and bizarre group crossing all ages and walks of life.

The movie captures this array of idiosyncratic souls completely. Watching it, I was back on the bus. For the young, this movie is not a beginning and an end, it is a beginning and a beginning. Take it in, learn, free yourself and go on your own Furthur ride. For us “old hippies” the movie will cast you back in time. Going Furthur is a portal to happy days when life was uncomplicated and we thrived on raw idealism and unbridled adventure. Somewhere in the fields of Hula Hoop twirling scantily clad glittered festival goers you will see your fist hippy love, the one whose memory gives your heart a glow to this day. That alone is worth the price of admission. More significantly it will show you all was not in vain, the spirit lives on in the young. Watching this movie will inspire you to go forth and connect with the young, dance with them, rap with them, even learn to Hula Hoop with them again. So watch Going Furthur, let it lift your heart and drink from the fountain!”
Brian Calvert (the Captain)
- Furthur Adventures, Thailand
"This film is rad ! ! Props to the filmmakers for making this historically significant journey so genuine and exciting to see. It's captured so perfectly, and is a beautiful cultural stenography to watch unfold. The ripples that they caught on camera and amplified, are some seriously good vibes! A must-see for all my hippie artivists and poetic psychonaughts out there. Enjoy the journey and have a good trip.. it's time to take it Furthur!"
Jonathan Robsinson
- Nelson, BC

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